Dr. Al Carlisle (1937- 2018), was a clinical psychologist who spent fifty years interviewing and studying serial killers. He was arguably one of the first "mind hunters."

He spent 20 years working in the psychology department of the Utah State Prison where he worked with serial killers and sex offenders like Arthur Gary Bishop and Ted Bundy.

He passed away suddenly early on the morning of May 29, 2018, after spending Memorial Day with family. His laughter and insight is greatly missed.

His books are a result of his decades of research, and explore what life choices cause good people to do bad things. If you're interested in learning about the development of a serial killer, check out his books.

Now published by Carlisle Legacy Books, LLC.

What better way to spend a few days indoors than with a good book!

Watch "Violent Minds: Killers on Tape," a documentary serioes based on Dr. Carlisle and his more than 40 years of research on serial killers. Premiering April 2, 2023 on Oxygen and later on Peacock.

Also scheduled to come out late 2023:

     "Then Bundy Files: A 1976 Companion" with documentation from Ted Bundy's 90-day evaluation in the Utah State Prison

     "Happy Talk: Conversations with Keith Jesperson" from interviews Dr. Carlisle conducted in 2001.

Al Carlisle's books are available on Amazon and Audible through Carlisle Legacy Books, LLC